Andrew Tillery On the Thames Path Ultra Challenge For MacMillan Nurses

Agronomy Capital Advisors is one amongst a number of parties sponsoring Andrew Tillery, (Chairman of Dekel Oil Plc and CIO of Palladium London) who has agreed to undertake the The Thames Path Ultra Challenge, a 100 km run from the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham to Henley in Oxfordshire, on Saturday 7th September, to raise money for Macmillan Nurses – a UK charity registered for cancer relief. 

Tree of Life

At an estimated US$3bn-$4bn, the global annual trade in Dates, is small by comparison to Bananas ($20bn), Cocoa ($10bn, $120bn cocoa derived consumer goods) or Coconuts & Coconut products ($12bn-$15bn). However, the cultural and demographic shifts resulting from globalisation, have prompted robust growth in demand for Dates and Date products outside the traditional markets of North Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart explores how surging demand for modern coconut consumer products, contrasts with a structurally constrained upstream producer sector which comprises some of the poorest smallholder farmers on the planet, raising questions about the sustainability of traditional coconut production.

Academy of Chocolate 2018 Conference: ‘A World Without Chocolate’ Summary & Manifesto

In theming the 2018 biennial conference ‘A World Without Chocolate’, the AoC sought to draw attention to the personal importance of chocolate to so many people around the world, whether as a ‘pick-me-up’, a treat or a small but luxurious indulgence or, perhaps too, as a livelihood, and the theme also sought to highlight the importance of chocolate as a significant value chain in the global economy.